About Me

I'm a full-stack software engineer at a startup by day. After working hours, I spend my time working on my side hustles. My goal of keeping this space on the Internet is multifold. It could serve as an outlet for my thoughts and opinions. There are many people who inspire me to write and I'd like to follow their example.

People Who Inspire Me To Write

    • Shawn Wang (swyx)
    • Patrick McKenzie
    • Anne-Laure
    • Seth Godin
    • [[Eugene Yan]]
    • Swizec Teller
    • Pieter Levels
    • Harry Dry
    • Derek Sivers
    • Sol Orwell
    • Buster Benson
    • [[Anne-Laure]]
    • [[Rosie Sherry]]
    • [[Dru Riley]]
    • [[Azlen Elza]]
    • [[Jon Borichevskiy]]
    • [[Khe Hy]]
    • [[Cedric Chin]]

My Side Hustles


Started this with my co-founder, Zachery Ng in college. Today, it's used by most students in our college for finding information on courses, professors and books.