The Future of Workflows

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I loved what Azlen did here with visualizing the "Shape of Learning". Azlen has a detailed explaination in his twitter thread about it. However, I'll take brief notes here from what I understood about it and explain what it has to do with this post on the "Future of Workflows"

The Shape of Learning

Mostly, I'm inspired by how simple yet communicative Azlen's visuals are. Here's an attempt of mine to use visuals to explain my ideas on what I think about workflows.

What do you mean by Workflow?


Browsing History as a Component

Learning as a Component

Intention as a Component

Fact Checking as a Component

When we read to learn, the intent is to learn. When we learning something, there's a few stages we go through:

  1. Fact building
  2. Linking Facts / Contextualizing
  3. Committing to memory

However, humanity's progress came not from simply learning things in that manner. We progressed by making discoveries. Most of them are fact-finding by theories that were then proven by experiments or data.

Workflow as a Component

Final Summary

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October 27, 2020



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