My Future Home

A collection of stuff that I find interesting to put in my future home

Kids Height Tracker 1

It will be really nice to track my kids growth through their height. We could write down their first tooth lost, at which height. Or first kiss, at which height. They could come back decades later and look at it and realize, it has been a fun ride with Dad and Mom. Maybe in a way, it will serve as a reminder to us to give our kids a fulfilling childhood.

Important note: It has to be removable, such as a block of wood, and not on a painted wall. If we ever want to move houses, we can remove it and shift it along with us.


Baffle Filter Air Vents

This is used by commercial kitchens and requires less maintenance. Instead of a mesh filter which has to be taken out to be cleaned regularly – because of all the oil, etc, the baffle filter lets the oils drip into a tank on the side. The tank can be taken out to be emptied quite easily kc-1.

Ergonomic Kitchen Sink

Get a deep sink so the water doesn't splash out too often. Also, an important note is for the sink to be placed at a height where it's comfortable enough for me and vera to wash our dishes – she's shorter! and to think of our kids in the future too...

Stainless Steel Counter Tops

Easy to clean. Don't need a special board to knead dough, etc (or even make roti prata!) I can make pasta on it and knead it. Then clean all of it up afterwards.

It's also the most durable. I can put a hot pot on it and not worry about the surface getting damaged.

French Door Fridge

Ideally, we'd be able to get the LG InstaView Door-in-door with Craft Ice Maker. The ice maker comes with 3 options which can be nifty – crushed ice, spherical ice balls and normal ice. The spherical ice balls would be useful for keeping drinks cold longer.

InstaView would allow us to check what's inside without opening.

Smart Home

Robo Cleaner

Instead of having to vacuum the floor very frequently, a robo cleaner like a roomba would be useful.

Also, take note to ensure not to use raised flooring. This prevents the roomba / robo cleaner from cleaning the entire house.

Smart Lock

Getting one would really remove the pain of forgetting my keys

Smaller Details

Door Handles

Preferably get a handle that's not rounded. This allows me to use my legs or elbow to open the door when I'm carrying heavy items with both hands.

Build a delivery room

Imagine having 2 doors – the main gate, and the inner gate. Deliveries could be made and left in the delivery room without the hassle of having anyone being at home for impromptu deliveries.


  1. Inspired by the starting scenes of The Karate Kid

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