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I use Firefox primarily because there's more privacy and less security issuess. There is less of the fear that the plugins I'm using are snooping on me (i'm not okay with them reading my passwords – and yes, they can do that since they have access to your entire DOM)

Now the issue is this: not much great plugins support Firefox (at least not yet) This is understably so as Firefox isn't as widely adopted as Chrome (~60% of web users possibly) The only way around this is to use a Bookmarklet, which you'll have to click from the Bookmarks Bar.

However, I don't leave this bar on all the time. Because I don't need them 99% of the time. I'd rather use the extra space it takes up for reading and feeling less cluttered. So how do I use these bookmarklets conveniently without clicking to the menu?

Thanks to Josh, I figured that out. On a Mac, you can easily configure keyboard shortcuts per application. To do so, I followed his guide 1 and got it working. Now the shortcut, CMD + Y toggles the bookmarks bar. Time saver!


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