My 2020 Goals For This Website

My "Digital Garden"

I wish to keep track of everything I find interesting. While I'm doing that, I'd also love to put them in an accessible archive of sorts. That anyone who stumbles upon it may benefit from it.

What I'm picturing: You walking around this space, smelling the leaves, flowers, trees and fruits; whatever that's here. Take whatever fruits and greens you feel like taking, but don't consume too much of them. Anything in over abundance is indulgence. Indulgence leads to bad habits and outcomes.

My suggestion is to consume what you see here as soon as possible. Tell me what you did with it and how did it go. I love stories – that's why I love connecting with people. Stories make up the fabric of our humanity, from the beginning of time till now.

As a Exploratory Knowledge Medium

I wish to explore a way to create content that's engaging for followers. So far, following my own curiosities has led to best, if not better outcomes. My wish for this personal space on the web is to surface interesting ways of consuming information.

On the 29th August 2020, I discovered Paul Copplestone's website. It blew my mind away on how he was using it to keep track of his accumulation of knowledge.

As a CRM


Following my own curiosities has almost always led to interesting outcomes. I'd love to be able to continue doing so in a sustainable manner. Monetizing my content is one of the ways I can do so. Instead of worrying about finding better ways to spend my time on other profitable endeavors, I'd rather spend time on Young Makers and this space.

What I want to build

I want to keep track of:

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Gabriel Chuan is a software engineer by day. At night, he hustles!


October 27, 2020



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